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What Art Prompt January Taught Me

We all had a long hard year of dealing with Covid-19, election year chaos, and more stress than is normal. I wanted to be intentional about creating something fun to get us back into a positive and creative frame of mind. We had all eaten too much, laid around too much, and frankly, stressed too much! We needed a mindset shift and to look at things differently in 2021 than we had in 2020.

I created an art prompt challenge for the entire month of January. I gave each day, Monday-Friday, a different but simple prompt and started them out easy so it would not be


One thing I've discovered is we often need small successes to build our confidence. Once we feel more confident, we can see what is possible and reach for even bigger goals.

Each day ladies who joined in the challenge would post their artwork, sketches, and photographs on my Facebook page. I quickly discovered that the art prompt challenge meant to inspire them was inspiring me!

I saw them draw things from their childhood that made them smile, they sketched out their beloved pets, they showed photos of the beauty of nature right around their homes, what they had for breakfast, and dozens of more inspiring pieces of art.

Art doesn't have to be a professional oil painting, or an elaborate wooden figure carved by hand. Art is all around us every single day if we'll look for it. And art is just waiting to spill out onto a canvas, onto a journal page, or even onto a piece of cardboard. You can get started with art with very minimal supplies making it a fabulous hobby.

Art can simply be our favorite things, our favorite people, a bouquet of flowers, or the warm sunshine just sketched or colored onto some paper. We can share our art with others or we can save it just for ourselves. We can be quiet and draw outside listening to the birds on a lunch break or we can shut out the world on a Sunday afternoon, crank up our favorite music, and spend hours getting lost in the process of creating. Art is an expression of ourselves and the things and people around us.

Allowing ourselves a little time to explore art reduces stress. It even increases our joy. And the very act of creating makes us even more creative! Art can bring life and hope into the darkest of situations. Don't you think we all need more of that in 2021?

So, get out some paper and a pencil and start practicing. Add watercolors, colored pencils, or markers. Try acrylic paint. Just see what you enjoy and do more of that. And if you'd like some company, I will be here for you.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you plan to be more creative this year.

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