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Reduce stress, increase joy, find a supportive community through art!

I'm Deb Brown, owner of Art & Grace and the Art & Craft VIPs membership. 


 Like so many women, I felt immense stress and pressure from being pulled in many directions. As my mom's Alzheimer's progressed, my stress was at an all-time high.

I used art as a way to relieve stress and to put just 30 minutes (or an hour if I was really lucky) of joy into my days. I looked forward to my art time. I could forget my troubles while I was creating. I used that time to pray and get filled back up to face the next day.

My mom passed away in August of 2019 and I was heartbroken. I couldn't create for a while.


After a few weeks, I realized I needed that art. It was the thing God used to reduce the anxiety I was constantly feeling over the last few years. I started doing it more often and for longer amounts of time. I loved the art, I had made friends in the online art community, and I wanted to show other women how helpful it could be if they were in stressful situations or life stages like I had been.


 I started a mobile paint party business in December of 2019.

In April Covid restrictions put my mobile business on hold.  I began providing art kits to go and would hand deliver or ship them out. I started going live on Facebook teaching and providing tutorials online.

I went from helping women in just my community to women all across the country.

We were all in similar situations and more isolated than ever before, so art online was a perfect way to connect and help them but from the safety of our own homes.  I created an inexpensive monthly art membership for those who wanted to get more in-depth help and projects in a more intimate space...a community.


Our group is about more than just the art & crafts we do.

We create together, share photos, and many of us pray for each other too. It has become a very supportive, encouraging community.


If this sounds like something you need too, we would love to have you!

See everything that's included HERE and join us today!

You deserve it!

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