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Why the Alzheimer's Association?

When I found out about my mom's diagnosis of Alzheimer's, it was something I was all too familiar with after watching my sweet mom move her parents into her home to care for them through their Alzheimer's journeys.

The Alzheimer's Association's website has resources for every part of the journey.

I have learned so much and I appreciate their use of funds. (see below)

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My Passion

After my mom passed with Alzheimer’s in 2019,

I knew I wanted to show other women how helpful art could be as we each deal with the pressures of life.


Permitting yourself to escape all of the many responsibilities you have in a day, even for just 15-30 minutes, can be a very important tool in self-care and stress relief.


I began teaching art full-time in 2020 and in June, I gathered some friends to host my 1st “Artists for Alzheimer’s” online fundraising event.


We had fun, created lots of art, and raised several thousand dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association! Thankfully, with a lot of help, it has grown each year...


In 2023, our 4th year, we collectively raised over 21k!


2024 marks the 5th year and with your help, we’d love to top

that amount!


BIG things can happen when we all work together!


I long for the day when our children and their children won’t have to endure this awful disease!


Please help me!


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