Art Kits let you skip the stores and just relax!

Art & Grace exists to help women have the tools they need to use art as a way to

reduce stress & increase joy!

Art kits come right to your door with everything you need inside! It's a paint party in a box. You can complete it by following my step-by-step tutorial, or just get creative and do your own thing!

You can skip searching store to store for all the things you need for a project. Skip the hassle of adding items to the cart only to find out something is out of stock.


It's hard enough to carve out the time you need to relax and have fun crafting.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you! You deserve it!

So skip the hassle...just get creative. Order your box today!

Art kits include 10"x10" wood pallet, paints to complete pictured project, tracer of design chosen, and carbon paper.


Paint along with my video if you'd like!.


Wood Pallet Art Kit



Watch tutorial on YouTube

Joyful Bird

Wood Pallet Art Kit



Watch tutorial on YouTube